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At Oz Bee Natural we specialise in unique premium Western Australian honey products. All of our products are 100% natural and have been certified by Independant Authorities.

We use 100% RAW HONEY, meaning that all natural vitamins, living enzymes and other nutritional elements are preserved.

Raw honey is the original sweet liquid that honeybees produce from a concentrated nectar from flowers. Honey is collected from the extractor. Raw honey is an alkaline-forming food. It contains ingredients similar to those found in fruits, which become alkaline in the digestive system. It doesn’t ferment in the stomach and it can be used to counteract acid indigestion.


Much research has been carried out on activity?honeys. There are high antibacterial and antimicrobial activity in every package and due to their high hydrogen peroxide level, they can inhibit Golden Staph Bacteria.

Activity honeys have some of the highest antioxidant levels in the world. Doctors recommend eating or drinking five foods high in antioxidants per day.

Our Honey can be used as an alternate therapy to combat infection by antibiotic resistant organisms is gaining ground with new research confirming the medicinal benefits of the natural product.

As activity honeys are high fructose honeys those consumers, who are diabetic and still desire some sweetness in their diet, will find this honey to be safe beneficial.

Our honey balms are 100% natural using only raw ingredients. NO parabens, NO fillers, NO fragrance, NO preservatives, NO chemicals and NO petro-chemicals.