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Honeycomb 400gm

The honeycomb is harvested straight from the hives untouched by human hands.

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Product Description

A Buzz from the Bees Honeycomb is a truly unique healthy natural product. The Honeycomb due to the design of the comb and hives is untouched by human hands. The health benefits of the Honey and Bees wax together have been known for centuries.

Honey has been an important part of the human diet from prehistoric times, and also has a long history of use as an active therapeutic. There is an extensive body of literature describing its physical, chemical and functional properties, and some of this discusses honeys from native Western Australian floral sources. There are indications that some Australian floral species may yield honeys with valuable dietary attributes such as low glycemic indices and prebiotic properties, and therapeutic attributes such as wound healing and anti-fungal and antibacterial properties (Conway et al. 2010, Carter et al. 2010).

The Honeycomb comes to you as a 100% natural product, there are no chemicals, no added products. The sections have been filled naturally by the Bees. Not only is A Buzz from the Bees Honeycomb a great healthy food product, but also a uniquely Western Australian taste sensation.

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Red Gum, Burracoppin Mallee, York Gum, Oldfield Mallee, Snap and Rattle


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