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Jarrah Honey

Jarrah Honey is increasingly used for medicinal purposes for the treatment of burns, ulcers, cuts and abrasions. The natural anti-inflammatory properties help soothe, stimulate and grow body tissue while the high level of antimicrobial properties help prevent infection and bacteria. Jarrah Honey is unique honey exclusive to Western Australia. It has significantly higher levels of antioxidants and antimicrobial activity than any other honey from around the world. We are also researching other unique West Australian honeys which have the same if not better healings qualities than Jarrah honey.

Blackbutt Honey

Blackbutt 10 + TA Honey is sourced from the Blackbutt Eucalypt tree natural to Western Australia.

Blackbutt trees grow in moist soils usually near riverbeds in Jarrah forests. Like many Eucalyptus trees, Blackbutt trees are becoming rare, both because of logging and unpredictable flowering. The honey is dark in colour. Similar to Jarrah, it stays liquid for a long time. The favour of Blackbutt honey is unlike any other eucalypt honey. The honey has a high antimicrobial activity rating.

Red Gum Honey

Red Gum Honey is sourced from the Red Gum Eucalypt tree natural to Western Australia.

A darker premium variety of honey. High in antioxidants, Red Gum honey has a thick constituency, bold taste and a distinctive aroma. Red Gum shares the same if not higher medicinal benefits and TA rating as Jarrah honey from certain areas.


Our honeycombs are all from the pristine Western Australian forests.

5 Flavours of Honeycomb are available. Harvested from a green, clean environment having no contact with chemicals or pesticides. The honeycomb is harvested straight from the hives untouched by human hands.