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Balanced Distributors are approved stockists for A Buzz From the Bees product range. If you are interested in stocking these amazing products please contact us.

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A Buzz from the Bees Healing Balm, Moisturising Balm and Lip Balm.

Our honey based balms are all made from 100% West Australian ingredients. The recipe for these products are created with a unique combination of Honey, Olive Oil and Beeswax.

These ingredients combined adds nourishment and life back into your skin.

The three ingredients compliment each other, giving your skin an abundance of natural antioxidants and healing properties whilst still being gentle on all sensitive areas.

honeyHoney and Olive Oil are ingredients that have been used for centuries with proven results. Honey has been used in medicine as a dressing for wounds and inflammations internally and externally.

It has also been effective in rapidly clearing infection and promoting healing.

Olive Oil is abundant in antioxidants. The hydrophilic properties of these antioxidants allow the balms to form a protective barrier, trapping moisture on your skin which is the base foundation of our balm range.

Our balms are TGA tested and approved with as a Class 1 Medical Device so please try our wonderful range of balms from our family to yours!

Our honey balms are 100% natural using only raw ingredients. NO parabens, NO fillers, NO fragrance, NO preservatives, NO chemicals and NO petro-chemicals.