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Jarrah Honey

Jarrah Honey is increasingly used for medicinal purposes for the treatment of burns, ulcers, cuts and abrasions. The natural anti-inflammatory properties help soothe, stimulate and grow body tissue while the high level of antimicrobial properties help prevent infection and bacteria. Jarrah Honey is unique honey exclusive to Western Australia.

It has significantly higher levels of antioxidants and antimicrobial activity than any other honey from around the world. We are also researching other unique West Australian honeys which have the same if not better healings qualities than Jarrah honey.



Moisturising Balm

Moisturising Balm is hand made using a combination of Jarrah Honey, Refined Olive Oil and Beeswax.

The natural wax consistency provides a silky, soothing texture to the skin. It is full of antioxidants made with ingredients that have been used for centuries to help with signs of aging, to hydrate as well as creating a natural protection on the face and body.




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